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Board members, your constituents rely on you to be good stewards of the resources they’ve entrusted to the school district. That trust is precious and fragile. Rash or uninformed decisions can permanently destroy it, no matter how honorable your intentions.

When it comes to long-range facility planning, your community deserves a transparent, clear-eyed, and fact-based process. As their representative, you need to ensure that control over that process isn’t outsourced to third-party architects or consultants.

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Thanks to Facility Insite’s suite of intuitive, interactive tools, you’ll have unparalleled visibility into the real needs of your district. Whether it’s the lack of classroom space for your surging student enrollment, the need to add security vestibules to existing campuses, or the reality that HVAC systems at multiple campuses are fast approaching the end of their projected lifespan — you’ll have the data you need to determine which projects should be prioritized.

Facility Insite lets you quickly create multiple funding scenarios, giving you an invaluable sandbox for brainstorming possible bond propositions. It also lets you add custom contingency rates so you can automatically calculate the cost of deferring maintenance or delaying construction.

With Facility Insite, you can ensure that every facilities decision you make is aligned to your district vision and your financial reality . . . and that it helps you fulfill the promises you made to your constituents and their children.

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Speak to one of our experts for a personalized look at our software.