Purpose-Built Capital Planning for Schools

Facility Insite’s innovative capital planning software empowers school districts to plan their best future using historical facts and accurate, actionable data.

Built Alongside Schools for Schools

Planning a bond is especially complex, and the stakes are incredibly high for both districts and school leaders. We created Facility Insite to help ensure that the bond packages you put before voters are informed by data, realistic in scope, and meet both present and projected needs.

Bond Planning

Bond Planning

  • Build and modify a variety of bond scenarios
  • Create bond packages best-suited to meet both short- and long-term district needs.
  • Use data-informed planning to maximize the chances of a successful bond election

Capital Planning

Capital Planning

  • Match capital campaigns to real organizational needs
  • Eliminate complicated, error-prone spreadsheets
  • Ensure sufficient campaign fund-raising goals with built-in regional contingency rates

M&O Planning

M&O Planning

  • Quickly conduct facility assessments using easy image capture
  • Leverage interactive dashboards to summarize or quickly drill down to key information
  • Prioritize projects based on accurate facility and building systems lifespan information

Who We Work With

Facility Insite’s mission makes it easy for school districts to create accurate, data-informed views about the current health and projected lifespan of facilities and critical building systems.

Too often, school districts are forced to be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to capital planning needs. Architects or consultants are hired to conduct facility assessments to help inform bond planning, but because a district rarely controls that information beyond the current bond cycle, it is forced to start the process from scratch every few years instead of maintaining a trackable, regularly-updated repository of actionable facility information. 

Facility Insite empowers district leaders by giving them actual ownership of their own facility assessment information, as well as a powerful but easy-to-use set of tools for creating bond packages that make sense to voters and meet the needs of students and staff. 

Finally, there is capital planning software built for K-12 Independent School Districts. 


Successfully communicate complex information to key constituencies


Lay a foundation for addressing both current and future district needs


Establish bond priorities based on accurate, detailed facility data


Explore the financial impact of delaying capital projects


Hold internal and external stakeholders accountable for delivering results


Plan for construction based on data-informed needs


Gain drill-down visibility into the real health of district facilities and building systems


Easily enter and upload facility assessments


Help stakeholders better visualize recommendations and actionable data


Facility assessments are an important gauge of the short- and long-term needs of your district. With Facility Insite, you’ll be in a position to leverage your assessment data like never before. Whether you’re planning a bond, in between bond cycles, or dealing with the after-effects of a failed bond election, you’ll have the data-informed insights you need to plan a successful future for your students and staff in your care.

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