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Our Approach with Project Planning

Successfully passing a bond starts with data-informed planning. Facility Insite lets you easily create a master list of district needs that you can roll up to the macro level or drill down to the micro level. Sort and view proposed projects by categories like new construction or renovation, or by schedule or budget range.

Trying to track and analyze all of that information using Excel spreadsheets is impractical and prone to error. Facility Insite’s intuitive project planning tools empower you to create and view an entire project management plan in just a few clicks. And thanks to its cloud-based platform, that data is accessible regardless of your location or device.

Analyze Projects with Drill-Down Functionality

Dive directly into project specifics, see timelines, analyze proposed budget impacts, and view recent assessment details.

Highlight Key Project Planning Details

Break down projects by campus to ensure that priorities are always visible to both internal and external stakeholders.

Make Facility Data Digestible and Actionable

Organize information by project age, priority, planned obsolescence, and even performance reliability.

We know that bond planning can easily become overwhelming, especially when you’re deluged by a flood of disconnected data. Facility Insite gives you the tools to avoid information overload and create a successful repeatable process that transforms data into action.

Minimize misinformation by sharing information in a manner that builds voter trust and buy-in. Create engaging visuals that communicate to constituents the volume and type of facility needs facing the district.

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Schedule a 20-Minute Demo To See How We Can Help.

Speak to one of our experts for a personalized look at our software.