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Our Approach with Campus Catalog

Gaining and keeping public trust is a constant challenge for school district leaders, especially in the face of tough questions about how to plan and pay for both current and future facility needs. Facility Insite’s building Campus Catalog feature gives leaders the ability to easily access accurate, up-to-date information about identified needs and their projected cost.

Facility Insite empowers school leaders to give both internal and external stakeholders real data-informed answers to those tough questions. Whether it’s the need for new construction to address anticipated enrollment growth or how to most effectively prioritize renovations on existing facilities, you’ll have quantifiable data to make your case. We make accessing those key data figures a breeze allowing for future project planning to be easier for you. 

Drill-Down Dashboard Gives You a Detailed Summary of Projects

View and compare timelines and anticipated costs by campus, category, or specified project.

Forecast Future Needs With Campus Feeder Pattern Dashboard

Plan for future facility needs well before schools hit capacity by projecting campus enrollment numbers years in advance.

Use Facility Explorer to View Campus Data at a Glance

Quickly drill into the specific details of any campus: location, enrollment, when it was built . . . even the last time it was renovated.

Calculate the estimated cost of every currently identified facility need in your district. Then plan for future facility needs well in advance by leveraging information to track when individual campuses will reach or exceed enrollment capacity. And since you can access Facility Insight’s cloud-based platform from any web-enabled mobile device, you’ll can always get the information you need in just a few clicks no matter where you are.

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Schedule a 20-Minute Demo To See How We Can Help.

Speak to one of our experts for a personalized look at our software.