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Facility Assessments

Our Approach with Facility Assessments

An accurate facility condition assessment is a cornerstone for identifying short and long-term needs. But because facility assessments are often outsourced to consultants or architects, district leaders rarely have any way to determine how reliable they are. And the price of bad facility data can be high.

With Facility Insite’s assessment tools, you’ll have total transparency into the process . . . which means that you can have total confidence that the findings represent real needs. There’s never been an easier, more reliable way to gather and preserve actionable data.

Interactive Dashboards Give You Comprehensive Insight

View, sort, and prioritize needs by campus, building, facility type, or asset.

Historical Record Helps Increase Assessment Accuracy

Compare current and prior assessments to analyze the real rate of wear on critical systems.

Easy-to-Use Form Quickly Captures Key Data

Cloud-based functionality allows you to quickly record detailed information for key assets.

Facility Insite’s assessment form uses OmniClass™, the standardized classification system of the North American architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Leveraging OmniClass as the go-to language for your assessments ensures that any AEC professional has immediate clarity about the condition of the asset or facility in question. Whether you’re assessing cafeteria grills or security systems, minimizing the risk of confusion means maximizing ROI.

No tool on the market today better gives you a more thorough, data-informed assessment of your district’s real facility needs than Facility Insite. Whether you need actionable data to hold external stakeholders accountable for their recommendations, inform your own internal planning processes, or justify your priorities to voters, Facility Insite empowers you to stay in control and in-the-know about the true state of your buildings.

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Schedule a 20-Minute Demo To See How We Can Help.

Speak to one of our experts for a personalized look at our software.