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Contingency Rates

Our Approach with Contingency Rates

The problem with most financial projections is they use current costs to make decisions about future projects. The result? You’re potentially short on funds before you even break ground on your project . . . especially if you’re not scheduled to do so for another year or two.

Facility Insite gives you the ability to add contingency rates, ensuring that your forecasts are as accurate and actionable as possible. Our contingency rates tools help you account for the future value of money, protecting yourself from the impact of rising material costs, labor shortages, and other changing market conditions.

Create Area-Specific Contingency Rates

Apply these rates to a variety of factors specific to your district to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

Customize Rates For Maximum Benefit

Contingency rates can be customized by project type, timeline, and even campus.

Automatically Update Projected Costs

(ACE™) Applied Contingency View allows you to add beginning costs for specific projects, then apply preset contingencies to create the most realistic picture of future costs.

Facility Insite expertly meets the needs of school districts because it was developed at the request of and in collaboration with leaders at some of Texas’s fastest-growing districts. Easy to set up, adaptable to changing conditions, and 100 percent transparent, it empowers school districts to take control of their capital planning process. Stop depending on external consultants and start leveraging your own facility data to its maximum potential.

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Schedule a 20-Minute Demo To See How We Can Help.

Speak to one of our experts for a personalized look at our software.